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2XU R:2 Race Wetsuit Hire

Take your race to the next level with the R:2

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2XU R:2 Wetsuit Season Hire

Wetsuit Details

Wetsuit rentals are usually only available at the budget end of the market. We started to offer quality wetsuits when we launched the mid range fully neoprene 2XU Team T2 in 2008. Now the largest provider of quality wetsuits, we are now able to offer the Top end Race R2 wetsuit.

Utilising 2XU's new Silicone Glide Skin plus new generation neoprene foam technology across the entire suit, the R2 features

  • 3D print catch panels for greater distance per stroke
  • 2XU's Roll bar for enhanced body positioning
  • Floating Zip panels for increased flexibility
  • Velocity strakes for cleaner tracking through the water
  • 1.5mm underarm/shoulder for flexibility
  • 5mm front buoyancy panel
  • 2 Year warranty
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